About me

My name is Claude André Ribaux. By formation an organisational psychologist and social scientist currently I act as Personal Coach, Executive Coach, Systemic Consultant, Change Manager and certified Mediator.

Till 15 years ago I was in charge of managing complex projects and of leading up to 100 persons. I had to partake in difficult negotiations, was forced to take unpopular decisions, and succeeded in motivating decentralised leaders to give their best.

For the past 20 years I supported dozens of persons in the identification of their unique talent and competencies. Today I facilitate individuals, managers, leaders, politicians, sportsmen, teams, organisations, companies in finding their own objectives and in implementing to achieve what they want internationally and locally.

It is my intent to encourage people to align with their inner potential, to inspire, to remove blockages on the way, and to provide the tools for moving into a state of flow.