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Incredible uplift after active-alert hypnosis course

Incredible things happen.

My friend Hans-Jürgen John took part in our active-alert hypnosis workshop in August 2017. Suddenly, soon thereafter, he was honored linkedin Global Goodwill Ambassador. He attended the second level workshop in my office in Zurich in November 2017. In December he was honored Brand Ambassador by Richard DiPilla, founder of Global Goodwill Ambassadors.

In January 2018 Hans-Jürgen John joined the Global Executive Board of the Global Goodwill Ambassadors as Director Digital Communications.


Here his profile on LinkedIn:

Normally most people would conclude the story with this as a Happy End. But here, this went further: What sounded incredible turned out fantastic. After having expressed his thanks to all people who had supported him in his humanistic work (including me an Bea Ribaux) Hans-Jürgen’s publication, the Johntext Platform for literature http://www.johntext.ch/ skyrocketed and received greetings from all over the world. Within very few days some authors from the Johntext Platform republished his article on their Johntext Websites and thanked him for years of support with free author services.

His article from Johntext Switzerland was shared 295 times on Linkedin. The articles of authors from Johntext New Delhi (35 times shared), Johntext Madhya Pradesh (105 times shared worldwide) show us the life of an author in India and bookreviews. Great!

Very pleased I am more and more convinced that  active-alert hypnosis helps people to reach their aims and become successful. In this case this uplift became visible in a few months! I will keep you updated about Hans-Jürgen’s future developments in the meantime our next active-alert hypnosis workshops will take place in March 2018 in Zurich in German language http://www.clauderibaux.ch/kurse/aktivwach-hypnose/  or for English speakers in Belgium in February https://hypnoseschool.com/aah

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Thank you Hans-Jürgen for sharing your incredible experience with us
Claude Ribaux
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